Sunday, December 1, 2013

No. 671: Florges

wow, no one's put the official Sugimori art up anywhere yet that I can easily find in 10 seconds? lame. never mind got it

So, now there's really no excuse for the lack of a Grass typing, is there? the goddamn thing is a flower now, this is stupid. BUT ANYWAY, Florges is definitely sticking her ass out, and appears to be wearing a strapless tight dress, and making those eyes with those eyelashes, and I'm not sure I know how to feel.

though Bulbapedia certainly does, with the description employing words such as "dainty", "sylphlike" and "svelte". anyway.

The giant ruff reminds me of that one lady in The Three Caballeros, where Donald hallucinates this lady in the stars/flowers? anyone else remember that shit? that was weird. but I'm pretty sure it happened.

Florges has great stats it seems, but I never used one in my single playthrough of X so I can't weigh on on that front much. I guess it seems cool, and a solid Fairy-type, but I'm still salty that it isn't at least 1/4th Grass. No, don't ask me how that would work. shut up.

Overall: 6/10


  1. It looks like Buffalo Bill. It probably wants to be grass type, so it made a suit out of them to wear.

  2. I think the Three Caballeros reference in connection with Pokemon made you my new favorite person in the world. So yeah... there's that. And Florges is amazing ingame, but butt-ugly, so there's also that.

  3. Florges is the most reliable wall in my team, so I like it. 'IT' because i don't want to say 'she'. I can understand, that Flabebe and Floette are pure fairy. They have a symbiotic relation with the flowers they carry around. They care for them in exchange to be able to use grass type moves. Flowers are their tool, nothing else. But as soon as Floette evolves, it merges with the flower as the symbiosis reaches the peak. So it HAS to be part Grass type! It literally has a flower field as hair! It'd not be the first time, that the final evo gets an additional type. So what's the big deal, Gamefreak? Get your shit together!