Tuesday, December 3, 2013

No. 672: Skiddo

Hey, ridable Pokemon! one of four in the game! wooo

That was something I think Gamefreak (and the people) hyped out of proportion. there just happen to be sections where you ride a Pokemon for a little bit, that's all. You can't just whip out a Tauros and go to town.

but so Skiddoo here, he's a nice fella. Handlebar antlers, nice shaggy grassy coat, he also learns some fun moves. I got one in a Wonder Trade actually, it was pretty cash for me.

I feel like this is covering territory we already covered earlier with Sawsbuck and all that, but I guess making it Fire type would've been just more proof of Pokemon's demonic messages that moms and fundamentalists are always complaining about.

Overall: 7/10


  1. Skiddo is actually a genetic engineering experiment aimed at producing beef meat which included salad as well.

  2. Not so much as gamefreak over hyping it as we did. They gave us a couple of pics and vids and the community ran wild with it.

    But perhaps once day pokemon will replace bikes.