Monday, December 2, 2013

Pokemon Emerald: Poodonkulous Remix

At long last, here's the alpha build of that romhack I've been "working on" for the past few years:

the .rar contains a copy of a GBA emulator, the modded rom itself, a image displaying the sort of Pokemon you can expect to find in the game, and a text file with detailed information on where each Pokemon can be found. also updated for version 01, so please, give it a try! 

but wait, you say, what's this even all about? what the hell is a "poodonkulous remix"? you can break down my changes like such:

-phys/special split
-higher quality Pokemon selection
-stat boosts for underwhelming Pokemon
-movepool additions for most Pokemon
-a few new moves added at the expense of a few useless ones
-type changes for a few Pokemon
-no trades or stones required for evolution

Further details after the jump:

First, the physical/special split is a no-brainer, but makes playing 3rd gen and older games a pain, because you have shit like Crawdaunt having all the Phys Atk, but all Grass moves being Special. So in my hack, I put in that split like you find in 4th gen and later games.

I also reorganized the Pokemon you find in the wild in a big way; every route should have something new and cool to catch, and there are around 200 Pokemon to be naturally caught in the wild. For example, by the time you hit Rustboro you'll have had the opportunity to catch Pidgey, Sentret, Charmander, Chikorita, Poliwhirl, Seedot, Treecko, Wingull, Mareep, Caterpie, Spinarak and Pichu.

And if you really want to use one of the Pokemon not listed in the image or the locations textfile, there's a good chance I stuck them in the Safari Zone. But I put no effort into fixing those Pokemon in any way, so they might be just as horrible as you remembered. I encourage you to not get hung up about it, even if one of your favorites ended up in the Zone, and to try someone new. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.

Not all Pokemon are Created Equal, but in my Remix, they're more equal than before. bad Pokemon are getting stat buffs, essentially. so Beedrill is now a late-game powerhouse with 95 hp, 110 Atk, and 125 Spd. and Magcargo gets a Def of 125, as well as a Sp. Def of 115.

My favorite part of Pokemon is really just leveling up and learning new moves, deciding which old moves aren't worth keeping. So it's annoying to get to level 45 and learn Agility or Bide instead of something else that could be actually useful. but now, everybody learns cool stuff up through around level 60 or so! Yes, this means Flareon becomes usable, Kingler learns Crabhammer at 41 instead of 56 so you can have some time to enjoy it, etc.

This plays into the next section, which is new moves. Sand Blast is a 60-power Ground type physical attack that replaces Sand Attack. I thought Ground-types needed to have something to learn on between Mud Slap and Earthquake, besides the unreliable Magnitude, so here it is. Or Raging Demon, the 120-power physical Ghost move. Both Ghosts and Fighting types can learn it, naturally. Oh, and Spikes is now a Grass type Thorn Cannon move. you get the picture.

But that's not all I'm changing. here at NAPACE, we mix it up like we're making kool-aid. That's right, type changes. Cubone is Ground/Fighting. Ninetails is Fire/Ghost. Duskull is Ghost/Ground. Stantler is Ice/Normal. Bulbasaur is pure Grass. Nosepass is Rock/Electric. And of course they all learn moves appropriate for their new typings.

finally, and simply, everybody who evolves does so by levels. makes sense, because you can't really trade with this emulator. You can still use a stone if you want to jump the gun, but the way I got it set up, there's really no need to. Just let them evolve on their own time, man.

So yeah, crazy business. I think I'll make a few more posts to hype this thing up, showcase some examples of mediocre Pokemon I've made awesome and fun, because everything listed in this post is just an example. there are more new moves, more fresh typings, more altered stats, more movepool changes, etc.

so go on, try it out. and please, if you encounter any bugs or stupid shit whatsoever, let me know. 


  1. i'm downloading it, i'll post my impressions if i manage to start it

  2. Why is it alpha? What does need changing? Did you change some trainer Pokemon?

    1. Alpha because I don't think I'm done with it yet. I'd like to maybe make the in-game trainers more of a challenge, to add in some floating platforms in the ocean, make the dialogue more interesting, and at least change up the title screen.

      but if everyone likes it, and I'm lazy, then suddenly it'll become the full release wooo

  3. I love you for this. Now I can finally wreck face with an Alakazam on an emulator.

    Also, could you add these properties to ROMs of Fire Red and Leaf Green? That would be awesome.

  4. hey man, I got an Abra to level 16 and a Sentret to level 15 and they didn't evolve. I hope that's not a bug or something

    1. Abra evolves at level 19, and Sentret at 21. In general, Pokemon tend to evolve later in my game, because I like dragging the fun out longer.

    2. so i take it beldum evolves later too? mines level 29. about 9 levels later than he should be.

  5. could you possibly list some of the stat changes? I ewanna know them, cuz i just have a problem where i need to know the bst.

  6. I LOVE the starters. You definitely got me hooked!