Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Poodonkulous Remix Changelog routes 101-104 and Petalburg Woods

as promised, I'll be breaking down some of the changes I've made. Those not mentioned are pretty much the same, with probably learning an extra move or a 10 point stat boost or something.

note: when I simply say "reduced" or "boosted", it refers to a difference of less than 10 points. "significantly booster/reduced" means in the ballpark of 20 points, and "greatly boosted/reduced" means it's like 30 or more.

  • Caterpie - Learns Bug Bite early on, delayed evolution into Metapod until level 11.
  • Metapod - Sp. Def increased to be on par with its Def. evolves into Butterfree at 15.
  • Butterfree -  Butterfree HP, Atk, Def, Sp. Def all increased, stat total now 420.
NEW MOVE - Bug Bite: Bug, 65 physical power, 90 accuracy, small chance of making the opponent flinch.

  • Pidgey line - swapped names so that it goes Pidgey>Pidgeot>Pidgeotto, HP and speed boosted significantly.
  • Sentret line - atk and speed boosted, evolves to Furret at level 21, where it has a speed of 130. 

Poliwhirl, Shiftry, Raichu, and more after the jump:
  • Poliwag line - slight stat boosts, evolves to Poliwhirl at level 20 and to Poliwrath at level 40, where it will learn Submission, Waterfall, and Superpower.
  • Seedot - boosted HP and Def greatly, learns Nature Power before evolving to Nuzleaf at level 12
  • Nuzleaf - reduced Atk and Sp. Def and boosted Sp. Atk and Def. Evolves to Shiftry at level 35.
  • Shiftry - reduced Atk and boosted Sp. Atk. learns Leaf Blade, Crunch, Silver Wind, and new move Telekinesis.
NEW MOVE - Telekinesis - Psychic, 80 physical power, 100 accuracy, small change of causing Flinch.

  • Treecko line - significantly boosted Atk and significantly reduced Sp. Atk, Leaf Blade is learned much earlier, Sceptile learns Frenzy Plant at level 55.
  • Mareep line - boosted HP and Def, learns Volt Tackle at level 56.
  • Chikorita line - reduced Def and Sp. Def, boosted HP, Atk, and Sp. Atk. gender biased to be 87% female.
  • Spinarak line - boosted Atk, Def, and Sp. Def, significantly boosted HP
  • Pichu - evolves to Pikachu at level 10.
  • Pikachu - boosted Atk to be stronger than Sp. Atk, Spark is its most viable move, evolves to Raichu at level 30.
  • Raichu - boosted HP, Def, and Speed, significantly boosted Sp. Atk, learns Thunderbolt, Thunder, and Volt Tackle in this form.


  1. This is so exciting! im enjoying your game very much. my volbeat is a volbeast. thanks for making it electric type!

    1. yeah, that was another obvious change I had fun working with. as a special for you, take this:

      level 25 - signal beam
      level 29 - thundershock
      level 33 - helping hand
      level 37 - silver wind
      level 43 - thunderbolt

    2. Robert has received the helpful list! Robert Placed the helpful list in his brain.

  2. Pure grass is the Fire/Fighting of grass starters... They haven't been all in a row but they've been just as frequent, you've made all three grass starters in the game pure grass.

    1. bulbasaur, chikorita, and treecko are just rando wilds now, anon. there are still plenty of grass hybrids to be found, like victrebel, vileplume, cacturne, shiftry, breloom, etc

  3. How do Slowpoke and Poliwhirl evolve? They have a branch there.

    1. slowpoke isn't in the game because I hate you. poliwhirl evolves at level 40 like I said, but you can't make it become a politoed because I hate you.

      No, I don't hate you, but I don't really care for either of those Pokemon so I just left them out. all killer no filler is my motto.

    2. what happens when you breed a slowbro then?

    3. I mean, I didn't put any Slowpokes or Slowbros or Slowkings in the wild.

      Or rather, it ended up in the Safari zone. I crammed everything I didn't want in the natural routes in there, but I might have forgotten a few. I also spent no time on them, which means they are just as bad as they were before, and can't even evolve if they needed a trade.

      this is a low-priority thing for me, as the point of this hack was to present my idealized version of Gen 3, rather than a catch-everything-all-gens-in-one-game sort of deal.

  4. caught a Pinsir and he knew Bug Bite, but is says in his summary that BB is a normal type move. Also, I thin Bug/Ground would have been a great typing for Pinsir (did Heracross' typing stay the same?)

    1. well piss, I just checked, and you're right. this completely ruins the point of the move, and makes a lot of these bug Pokemon just as bad as they were before!!

      making a new post about it. thanks for the catch. please let me know if you guys find anything else like this.

      also yeh, Heracross is the same typings.

  5. is flygon bug/dragon or bug/ground ? there's also a lack of dragon types in the game.

    1. Vibrava and Flygon are both Bug/Dragon, Trapinch has been cut from their evolutionary line.

    2. does it learn some useful bug type moves?

    3. silverwind, bug bite, bug blitz.

      you're reminding me how much I enjoyed the new Infestation move of gen 6. I should see what I can do about that in my hack...

  6. Hey a couple things - the girl in the pokecenter at petalburg city? she thinks I got a treecko. that should be changed (i chose beldum). also, if you are thinking of doing any major story changes (or any story changes from what I have seen so far), you should give wally a pokemon that you actually have on route 102 for consistency

    1. I've made no alteration to any dialogue, or NPC pokemon.

      I'd like to do a little of both, but you're right that I should focus on continuity errors first and foremost.

      it's weird to have Wally catch something that can't be caught there, but I'm not sure how tricky it is to edit that encounter. might be simpler to just put a Ralts in the route...