Saturday, December 7, 2013

Poodonkulous Remix Changelog routes 110, 117, 112, and Fiery Cave

I first want to say, that if you were looking for a certain Pokemon and don't see them in the Locations textfile, then that means I didn't care enough about them to make any changes, and probably dumped them in the Safari Zone. So, Dunsparce, Ledyba, and Plusle fans, look around there. But I'd rather you didn't, those guys all kinda suck. try some of these new guys instead, I think you'll like what you see.

This also saw the first instance of some Pokemon getting nerfed, but it was really because I wanted Scyther to feel more in place and like a Pokemon who needed to evolve, rather than have him be a complete beast straight out of the box. Similarly with Elekid and Magby, I wanted to tone them down a bit to fit where in the game you find them.
  • Bulbasaur line - changed type to pure Grass, reduced Speed and Atk and boosted Def and Sp. Def. Learns improved Solarbeam, which is a 95-power Flamethrower and Thunderbolt counterpart.
  • Elekid - Def and Speed reduced, learns Thunderpunch at level 25, evolves at level 30 like normal.
  • Electabuzz - Def greatly boosted, HP significantly boosted, Atk and Sp. Atk boosted, Sp. Def greatly reduced, learns Brick Break. No Electavire evolution, sadly.
  • Grimer line - HP and Def significantly boosted, Sp. Atk greatly boosted, Speed reduced, Atk greatly reduced. evolves to Muk at level 33, learns Toxic by level-up and new move Mud Slide at level 50.
NEW MOVE - Mud Slide: Ground, 95 Special power, 95 accuracy, decent chance of lowering opponent's accuracy. I thought it was stupid that Muddy Water is literally just Surf but not as good, so I made it into something to give special attack Pokemon something Ground-ish to use.

Volbeat, Typhlosion, Eevee, and the rest of the Fiery Road miscreants after the jump!
  • Volbeat - type changed to Bug/Electric, Sp. Atk greatly boosted, Speed boosted. learns Spark, Thundershock, Silver wind, and Thunderbolt
  • Roselia - Def significantly boosted, HP boosted, learns the modified Mega Drain and Giga Drain moves, which have 50 and 75 power, respectively.
  • Scyther - HP and Speed greatly reduced, Def, Sp. Def and Atk significantly reduced. evolves to Scizor at level 32.
  • Scizor - Speed significantly boosted, HP reduced, learns Bug Bite when it evolves, goes on to learn Metal Claw, Bug Blitz, and Guillotine.
NEW MOVE - Bug Blitz: Bug, 95 physical power, 90 accuracy, good chance of lowering target's defense.
  • Eevee line - aside from the usual Fire/Water/Thunder stones, evolves to Espeon with a Sun Stone and Umbreon with a Moon Stone.
  • Flareon - learns Flame Wheel and Eruption, two Physical Fire moves
  • Cyndaquil line - Atk significantly boosted, Sp. Atk reduced, Quilava actually has more Atk than Sp. Atk but they even out again by Typhlosion. Learns the very modified Fire Spin, which has no trap properties, instead being simple 60 special power move with a chance of burning.
  • Magby - Speed greatly reduced, Def boosted. Learns Fire Punch at level 25, evolves at level 30 like normal.
  • Magmar - HP and Def significantly boosted, Atk and Sp. Def boosted, Speed significantly reduced. Learns Eruption at level 55.
  • Slugma line - HP, Atk, and Sp. Atk significantly boosted, Sp. Def greatly boosted. Learns Ancientpower and Overheat.
  • Torkoal - Sp. Def greatly increased, learns Smog and Headbutt. Also helped by Fire Spin becoming a decent move.

    as always, let me know if things are broken/stupid/I should fix them, as well as feel free to fire away any other questions you'd like immediate answers to!


  1. Here's a bug. Some of the contest moves dont have any appeal hearts. So it makes contesting a bit harder for me.

    1. which moves? All my New Moves are simply other moves that I renamed and retooled, but I didn't touch anything's contest stats, because I really don't care about that.

      If you can point out which moves in particular have issues I'll see what I can do, but it's a super low-priority thing for me.

    2. i understand that most people wont notice or care, but i found that thunderbolt and tailglow had nothing for their hearts.

  2. Dude you didn't explain what bug blitz does