Thursday, July 2, 2015

Announcing a break, for once

It seems kinda silly to do this, since I've displayed the ability to vanish for nearly a month at a time without a warning, but this time I know ahead of time I'm gonna be gone, so yeah.

NAPACE will be back on the 14th. see you in two weeks, people.

And you can hold me to that. Ain't no way I'm gonna quit now, when I still have some of my favorite types left to cover.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The Best (and Worst) Steel-Type

You know, I think somehow I'd forgotten how many Steel-types there are. In my head it's an oft-used type, but there's really a lot of them these days. And a lot of kickass Pokemon with balls of steel, too.

10. Lucario
9. Escavalier
8. Mega Scizor
7. Genesect
6. Mega Mawile
5. Steelix
4. Aegislash
3. Aggron
2. Scizor
1. Metagross

And surprisingly few crap ones! I mean, those bottom two are absolutely vile, but most of this list are 3/10s. That ain't bad. Makes me think that Steel actually has a great average rating.

10. Klang
9. Magnezone
8. Mega Steelix
7. Doublade
6. Mega Lucario
5. Shieldon
4. Magneton
3. Bronzor
2. Klingklang
1. Klefki

Monday, June 29, 2015

The Best (and Worst) Fairy-Type Pokemon

Okay, Fairy is officially my most hated type. I don't really like it on a concept level, and while I appreciate how it was used to give boring Normal-types something different, it also seemed to be assigned to the worst of them all. And in fact, it's hard to think of many good ones. So here's a top 5, but I'm already reaching by the time we hit the cinco.

5. Whimsicott
4. Jigglypuff
3. Mega Audino
2. Mega Mawile
1. Gardevoir

On the other hand, it's very easy to think of hateable ones! These Pokemon suck majorly! I don't like them at all! I think I've made myself abundantly clear!

10. Carbink
9. Togetic
8. Cleffa
7. Clefable
6. Snubbul
5. Dedenne
4. Igglybuff
3. Mime Jr.
2. Azurill
1. Klefki

Saturday, June 27, 2015

The Best (and Worst) Bug-Types

I love Bug-types. I think it's something about how bug-catching is the closest to real-life Pokemon collecting you can get, or maybe just that bugs have badass plates and jaws and horns and spikes and stuff. This was a pleasure to look through, and honestly I feel like numbers 2 through 7 could really go in any order, I love 'em all so much.

10. Genesect
9. Shedinja
8. Mega Beedrill
7. Joltik
6. Scizor
5. Scolipede
4. Pinsir
3. Scyther
2. Galvantula
1. Heracross

But by some cruel trick of fate, there are also a large number of stupid, pointless and ugly Bug-types. Kind of like real life, I suppose. But it seems like I'm generally hot or cold on these guys, either I think they're pretty great, or I can't reach for my flyswatter fast enough. Special points for the bottom three for just being the single WORST evolutionary line ever, not a single redeeming feature about any of its members.

10. Mega Pinsir
9. Scatterbug
8. Crustle
7. Nincada
6. Cascoon
5. Dustox
4. Illumise
3. Burmy
2. Mothim
1. Wormadam

Thursday, June 25, 2015

The Best (and Worst) Dragon-Types

Dragon is such a weird type. It doesn't have any obvious elemental connections, and exists mainly as a mechanic to make some Pokemon "better" than others. This is especially obvious in the first few gens, where it was almost exclusively the purveyance of the psuedo-legendaries.

10. Gabite
9. Altaria
8. Tyrantrum
7. Zekrom
6. Giratina
5. Dratini
4. Gible
3. Haxorus
2. Dragonair
1. Rayquaza

But really, it turns out I don't like Dragon-types that much. Maybe it's because the games treat them like they're hot shit, but really a lot of them are just over-designed actual shits. Oh, and no, I will NOT apologize for hating Mega Ampharos. It's really really really stupid.

10. Mega Latias/Latios
9. Bagon
8. Shelgon
7. Mega Ampharos
6. Reshiram
5. Dragonite
4. Druddigon
3. Mega Salamence
2. Kyurem
1. Zygarde

Sunday, June 21, 2015

The Best (and Worst) Poison Types

I get to give props to my all-time favorite Pokemon today, so that's always cool! Haunter, you're my bae. Forever and always. The rest of you are cool, too, I guess.

10. Muk
9. Nidorina
8. Nidorino
7. Roserade
6. Nidoking
5. Beedrill
4. Mega Beedrill
3. Gengar
2. Scolipede
1. Haunter

I'd forgotten how aggressively ugly some of these Pokemon were. Poison, as a type, tends towards the ugly, but that doesn't mean I have to like it. The bottom two in particular are just such a mess, I don't even know.

10. Skrelp
9. Skuntank
8. Gloom
7. Dustox
6. Tentacool
5. Trubbish
4. Seviper
3. Gulpin
2. Drapion
1. Garbodor

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The Best (and Worst) Ice-Types

It's hotter and sweatier than Elvis Presley's armpit where I live, so what better way to cool down than with some chill Ice-Types? I notice that this top 10 is bookended with Pokemon I accuse of looking like those infamous Little Ponies, and I'm not entirely sure I like what that says about me.

10. Lapras
9. Cloyster
8. Mega Abomasnow
7. Walrein
6. Snowver
5. Glalie
4. Weavile
3. Sneasel
2. Abomasnow
1. Aurorus

There aren't that many Ice Types to begin with, and so these are literally all of the "bad" ones. Kyurem is really, really freaking bad, though. Like amazingly awful. Stupendously sucky. Wonderfully whack. But I digress...

10. Delibird
9. Cryogonal
8. Mamoswine
7. Beartic
6. Spheal
5. Mega Glalie
4. Snorunt
3. Jynx
2. Smoochum
1. Kyurem