Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The Worst 25 Pokemon of All Time

This is it. This is what this blog was founded on. Some Pokemon are really aces, you guys. They're cool or cute or badass or whatever!

Then you get some that are blights on the face of mankind. Specimens so awful, it's a wonder they were ever brought into the daylight. Horrific fusions of poor taste and misplaced design goals, I despite every single one of them with an unhealthy passion. But all that hate eats you up inside. And so, with this, I consider it case closed, I feel merely pity -

Sadly, not all Pokemon are created equal.

25. Barboach
24. Cherrim
23. Druddigon
22. Barbaracle
21. Phione
20. Smoochum
19. Rhyperior
18. Burmy
17. Garbodor
16. Kyurem
15. Mime Jr.
14. Cherubi
13. Staravia
12. Mothim
11. Azurill
10. Sigilyph
9. Wormadam
8. Drapion
7. Mega Manectric
6. Mega Aerodactyl
5. Tranquil
4. Uxie
3. Zygarde
2. Klefki
1. Dunsparce

Now, how about you? I'm sure you have a shit-list. Give me your bottom 10s!

Friday, July 24, 2015

My Top 25 Favorite Pokemon of All Time

As I was going through these individual type rankings, I realized my opinions of certain Pokemon had... shifted a bit, from when I wrote the review. I ranked them according to their written score, but sometimes I wished I had given this one a 10 instead of a 9, or that this guy wasn't really a 9, more like an 8, etc.

So, I figured I may as well do one last shout-out to all my Poke-homies. This will be a fresh ranking, from a fresh state of mind, that may or may not agree with my previous cumulative Top 10 lists, or reflect the exact score I gave each Pokemon.

Basically, it's my excuse to just say "screw it" to the past 5 years of data and give a completely emotion-based ranking off the top of my head, while everything is still fresh in my mind.

25. Gardevoir
24. Scizor
23. Magmar
22. Torterra
21. Deoxys
20. Scolipede
19. Gengar
18. Shiftry
17. Krookodile
16. Luxray
15. Kingler
14. Metagross
13. Cofagrigus
12. Typhlosion
11. Scyther
10. Blaziken
9.  Donphan
8. Galvaltula
7. Pinsir
6. Starmie
5. Cacturne
4. Blastoise
3. Machamp
2. Heracross
1. Haunter

So, how about you? You don't have to rattle off all 25, but at least give me a top 10 all-time favorites.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

The Best (and Worst) Ghost-Type Pokemon

Saving the best for last, it's the ghosts with the most, my favorite type of all. They aren't many, but there amount of quality is super-high. And of course, it ends with my all-time reigning world champion favorite, Haunter, at the big #1 spot.

10. Mega Banette
9. Pumpkaboo
8. Chandelure
7. Aegislash
6. Sableye
5. Duskull
4. Shedinja
3. Gengar
2. Cofagrigus
1. Haunter

And like I said, there's just so few BAD ones. A bottom 5 is pretty much all I can do.

5. Gourgeist
4. Spiritomb
3. Drifloon
2. Doublade
1. Dusknoir

Friday, July 17, 2015

The Best (and Worst) Dark-Type Pokemon

Dark, as a sub-type, is like butter. It makes everything better. I didn't think I would consider it one of my favorite types, and I don't particularly like the Dark elements of it, but it just seems that the sort of Pokemon that gets ascribed a Dark sub-type, just has enough of that edge to be really badass and cool.

10. Krookodile
9. Pangoro
8. Tyranitar
7. Houndour
6. Sableye
5. Weavile
4. Sharpedo
3. Shiftry
2. Sneasel
1. Cacturne

In fact, there's just not that many bad Dark types. I stopped the list at 8, because any more and I'd be dipping into 5/10s and I just don't think that score belongs on a bottom anything.

8. Bisharp
7. Mega Tyranitar
6. Mega Gyarados
5. Spiritomb
4. Mightyena
3. Scraggy
2. Skuntank
1. Drapion

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The Best (and Worst) Psychic-Types

I'm back! And on the predicted date, too. It's almost as if someone saw the future? someone... with Psychic Powers? (no? no good?) okay sheesh give me a break it's tough trying to come up with puns for every type.

Here's my top 10 psychic Pokemon, a fair amount of them are Legendaries. In fact, some of the few legendaries you'll see on my top 10s.

10. Claydol
9. Victini
8. Mew
7. Gardevoir
6. Abra
5. Reuniclus
4. Deoxys
3. Mewtwo
2. Metagross
1. Starmie

But what is with the Psychic type to produce these inbred rejects. You think they're a decent sort, coming out with Mewtwo and Abra and the sort, but then all of a sudden there's Jynx and Wobbuffet, and then each of them get even worse prevolutions! Just goes to show, I guess.

10. Wobbuffet
9. Bronzor
8. Jynx
7. Wynaut
6. Mespirit
5. Smoochum
4. Mega Slowbro
3. Mime Jr.
2. Sigilyph
1. Uxie

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Announcing a break, for once

It seems kinda silly to do this, since I've displayed the ability to vanish for nearly a month at a time without a warning, but this time I know ahead of time I'm gonna be gone, so yeah.

NAPACE will be back on the 14th. see you in two weeks, people.

And you can hold me to that. Ain't no way I'm gonna quit now, when I still have some of my favorite types left to cover.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The Best (and Worst) Steel-Type

You know, I think somehow I'd forgotten how many Steel-types there are. In my head it's an oft-used type, but there's really a lot of them these days. And a lot of kickass Pokemon with balls of steel, too.

10. Lucario
9. Escavalier
8. Mega Scizor
7. Genesect
6. Mega Mawile
5. Steelix
4. Aegislash
3. Aggron
2. Scizor
1. Metagross

And surprisingly few crap ones! I mean, those bottom two are absolutely vile, but most of this list are 3/10s. That ain't bad. Makes me think that Steel actually has a great average rating.

10. Klang
9. Magnezone
8. Mega Steelix
7. Doublade
6. Mega Lucario
5. Shieldon
4. Magneton
3. Bronzor
2. Klingklang
1. Klefki