Friday, December 6, 2013

Poodonkulous Remix Changelog routes 116, Rusturf Cave, and Granite Cave. also Ver_01 patch

first off, it has been brought to my attention that Bug Bite was a Normal move, instead of Bug. this is the opposite of what I intended, so here's a patch for all you people who already have the rom to apply:

Ver_01 patch

it's got Lunar IPS included, so just fire that baby up, and apply the new ver_01 patch to the rom you were using, and things should work out? if you haven't even downloaded the original at all yet, don't worry, I've re-uploaded a version and fixed the link on the original post, found here.

anyway, on to the changes after the jump! Cubone, Geodude, Onix, Beldum, and more!

  • Abra line - Evolves to Kadabra at level 19 and Alakazam at level 38. Learns the powerful Telekinesis move early, but if you remember, that's a physical move, so it's not really able to take advantage of it. I just thought that would be interesting.
  • Torchic line - Sp. Atk significantly reduced and Speed significantly boosted. Focuses more on Physical moves, like Triple Kick and Flame Wheel.
  • Nidoran line - evolves into Nidoking at level 33, where it will learn Poison Fang, Rock Slide, and Earthquake.
  • Nidorin line - changed the female Nidoran into Nidorin, because having gender symbols as part of an official name is dumb. Again, evolves into Nidoqueen at 33 and will learn Poison Tail, Crunch, and Earthquake.
  • Zubat line - learns Poison Fang as Golbat at level 30, evolves into Crobat at level 32, and learns Sludge Bomb and Toxic.
  • Diglett line - HP greatly boosted, Def significantly boosted, learns the new move Sand Blast at an early level.
NEW MOVE - Sand Blast: Ground, 60 physical power, 100 accuracy, chance of making the opponent flinch. (I know all my new moves seem to cause flinch, but that's because I love causing flinch.) This was made to give Ground types something to learn on between Mud Slap and Earthquake, besides the unreliable Magnitude.
  • Cubone line - Type changed to Ground/Fighting. HP, Atk, and Sp. Def boosted. Learns Brick Break at level 29 when it evolves, and Cross Chop at 39, then Raging Demon at 52.
NEW MOVE - Raging Demon: Ghost, 140 physical power, 100 accuracy, only 5 pp. a cookie if you get the reference, but I really hope everyone does once you see the animation and read the description. My thought here was to give a super-strong Ghost move, but with a twist. Because it's physical, some Ghosts may find it to be only slightly stronger than Shadow Ball for them. And of course, some Fighting types can master such a spiritual energy as well.
  • Geodude line - Boosted Sp. Def, evolves into Golem at level 38. Learns both Selfdestruct and Explosion, but the former is now a 250 power move, while the latter is only 200 power but has much less kick-back towards the user, making it actually viable I hope.
  • Makuhita line - Atk greatly reduced, but Def and Sp. Def significantly boosted. Evolves into Hariyama at level 27. Learns Karate Chop, Brick Break, and Superpower. I wanted this guy to fill a more bulky niche, 145 HP and 90 in both areas of defense should offset having only 85 attack power.
  • Onix - 50 HP (+15), 65 Atk (+20), 165 Def (+5), 30 Sp. Atk, 105 Sp. Def (+50), 70 Speed. Evolves into Steelix at level 41. Learns Rock Slide and Sand Blast. Basically, I want this guy to scare you when you bump into him at a low level, because that's how Onix should be.
  • Steelix - 80 HP (+5), 85 Atk, 200 Def, 30 Sp. Atk (-25), 160 Sp. Def (+95), 45 Speed (+15). Learns Iron Tail, Earthquake, and Crunch. If Onix scared you in Granite Cave, I hope Steelix terrifies you in Victory Road.
At this point, you may be wondering about the starters. Machop, Larvitar, and Beldum are strange choices, huh? Do they even form a triangle? no, they don't really, and I don't care. You can find them all in the wild very soon, anyway. and they are now all slow to level up, 600-stat-total monsters.
  • Machop - Def and Sp. Atk reduced, Sp. Def boosted. Learns Brick Break at level 25, evolves into Machoke at level 30.
  • Machoke - Atk and Speed boosted, evolves into Machamp at level 50.
  • Machamp - HP greatly boosted, Sp. Atk and Speed significantly boosted, Atk boosted, learns Raging Demon at level 55.
  • Larvitar - learns Sand Blast and Rock Slide, evolves into Pupitar at level 30.
  • Pupitar - HP boosted, evolves into Tyranitar at level 50.
  • Tyranitar - is Ground/Dark instead of Rock/Dark, and learns Earthquake at level 52.
  • Beldum - Starts with Headbutt, not Take-down. Learns Confusion at level 7, Metal Sound at 14, Metal Claw at 20, and Iron Defense at 26. Evolves into Metang at level 30.
  • Metang - notably learns Psybeam at level 38, and Meteor Mash at 44. Evolves into Megagross at level 50.
  • Metagross - learns Telekinesis at 50, and Hyper Beam at 60.


  1. cant wait to hear about arbok. i want to use him on my team but he might not be to strong. by the way, do you think it would be possible to give meditite and gligar compatibility with fly? because medi's dex entry says he can fly, and gligar is just... well a flying type.

    1. I won't be getting to Arbok for a while, so I'll just leave you with this - the big snake is now Dark/Poison, received over 70 points of stat buffs, and learns Poison Fang, Poison Tail, Crunch, and a new modified form of Beat Up.

      hell yeah you can use him!

      as for Gligar, he didn't make it into the game. medicham flying is a good idea though, that could be in the next patch.

    2. are you sure? i found a gligar in the safari zone.

  2. Just wanted to let you know: I just caught a shiny Geodude in Granite Cave! It's kinda cool, cause Graveler was my first regular shiny I ever maneged to see and catch.

  3. does raging demon replace luster purge?