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Saturday, April 12, 2014

No. 714: Noibat

I think it says a lot if you compare this guy to Zubat.

and not even in a bad way necessarily, but still. Both are bats, yet Zubat is just a head with ears and a mouth, wings, and some abstract spikes for legs. and that's it. The key points of a "bat", in Gamefreak's mind, distilled down to its simplest form. and hell, they had to, graphical limitations!

whereas Noibat here, has the big ears, but they have three rings in them. He's got a defined eye, nose splotch, and this helmet-esque thing going on with the purple fur going over the black fur. midrif, actual mands and feet, he's a fully-thought-out creature. In some ways, it's a better design. I can picture it existing in a 3D space a lot better than Zubat, who always looks awkward when he isn't a flat sprite.

But at the same time, there was that simplistic charm of Zubat that Noibat doesn't really have. A child would have a hell of a time trying to get this guy just right, whereas Zubat is a piece of cake.

I'm sorry this isn't more humorous, but I'm realizing this is the 6th-to-last Pokemon, and then that's it. So excuse me for feeling a little more reflective than usual. I'm rating Noi higher than Zu, though, because when I think about it Zubat is actually just kinda booty-sweat. I guess the take-away from all this is that not all progress is bad? also dragon-bats are cool?

Overall: 7/10


  1. What, you're not going to do the Mega-Evolutions? :-(

  2. I love Noibat. I got one by Wondertrade early in the game and it helped me greatly through the game. And its so cute. Zubat's alright, but I like Noibat more in the "bat-type" Pokemon group.
    And forget Woobat...

  3. When you're done with the Pokes you can do the Mega evolutions, the rest of the trainers... well, whatever you do we'll follow you anywhere.

  4. Aye, you should really consider continuing this blog.